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Sex Worker Film Fest in Chicago- August 11-13

Sooner or later I’ll get back to blogging eventually, but I’m too busy to even breathe these days. In addition to organizing this sex worker film fest for August, I took over as host of “The Chicago Sex Tours” for the Discovery Center (like the Learning Annex). My first tour is next Sunday…who knows how it’ll go..but I have an awesome co-host in Jay Very, founder of Tongue -in-chic gallery here in Chicago.

Other projects in the works-

* Development of large scale industry questionnaire regarding trafficking w/ Megan Morgenson

* Partnering on PSA’ s on youth/sex worker harassment with local youth activist organization Gender Just

* Development of PROS Network for Chicago, grant writing

*Attempting to go back to school for my master’s degree.


Please do come to the film fest if you are in Chicago.

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  1. kinky kupid Says:

    Found your blog and site randomly and had to stop an comment. You are doing a service for the folks that have a hard time trying to find a voice and I can only hope there’s a lot more folks like you out there. I hope you keep this good work on and Rock On!

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